Health Insurance Buyout

Health Insurance Buy-Out Program

All district employees currently enrolled in a district health plan are eligible for the opt-out credit, subject to collective bargaining agreements.  Employees must be enrolled in the district health plan for one full calendar year before opting out and becoming eligible for the opt-out credit.

Applying for the Buy-Out Credit

An opt-out application must be completed and returned along with proof of alternate health insurance coverage to Human Resources. Once approved, the buyout affirmation form along with proof of alternate health insurance coverage must be provided annually for the employee and family, if applicable. Re-entry to the District’s health insurance plan will be allowed at any time subject to meeting the legal requirement of a qualifying event, any waiting period or open enrollment period.

2018-2019 Application Deadlines

Deadlines are December 15, 2018 or June 15, 2019.

Applications submitted by December 15, 2018 will have coverage end by December 31, 2018 OR are renewals of the buyout credit. This is either for a full year credit covering the period of July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 OR a prorated credit for the 2018-19 school year if coverage was ended between July and December 2018.  The January payment is either the first installment of the full year credit or a prorated payment based on when coverage was ended between July and December 2018. 

Applications submitted by June 15, 2019 will have coverage end between January 2019 and June 2019. The June 2019 will either be the 2nd installment of the full year credit or a prorated payment based on when coverage was ended between January and June 2019. 

Please note that married District employees currently enrolled through the District as two individual plans or on a family plan are not eligible for the buy-out credit.

Staff members, who opt out of health/dental insurance, will receive the buy-out credit amount for the coverage they had at the time they opted out. However, if an employee’s circumstances change and they are no longer eligible for family coverage (i.e. divorce), the employee’s buy-out credit will be reduced to the individual buy-out credit amount. Employees are required to notify Human Resources of such changes.

Buy Out Credit

Individual Plan:  $2,000   Family Plan:  $4,000

SFT Only
Individual Plan:  $2,500   Family Plan:  $4,500


Payments will be made in January and the last paycheck in June for all employees. Employees are eligible for the full amount of each payment after completing a full six months of opting out of the health insurance plans (for example: July to December = January payment; and January to June = June payment). The payment for a partial buy-out or less than six (6) months will be pro-rated.

This information is on a document that can be downloaded from the document container below.


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