Gumdrop Dome

Materials needed:

          30 toothpicks                                              

          10 gumdrops




How many books do you think your gumdrop dome can support?





1.     Use 5 gumdrops to connect 5 toothpicks in a ring.  This is your base.


2.     Use 2 toothpicks and 1 gumdrop to make a triangle on one side of the base.  In the diagram below, each new step is highlighted in yellow.


3.     Repeat this all around the base until you have 5 triangles.






4.     Use toothpicks to connect gumdrops at the tops of triangles.


5.     Push 1 toothpick into each of the top gumdrops.



6.     Use 1 last gumdrop to connect these toothpicks at the top.


      7.   Let the dome dry overnight.